IMG 20160119 WA0001CA Wellpoints and Boreholes are groundwater innovators with over 25 years of groundwater experience and have a wealth of knowledge over the entire spectrum of non potable water.

We have a wide range of knowledge in finding, storing and distributing non potable water that makes us the right choice for any project big or small. Wellpoint water is found in porous sand structures that retain underground water aquifers. Depending on the depth of the water aquifer and the density of the ground structure soil formation will determine the amount of water volume you will be able to draw from the ground water aquifer. The quality of the ground structure soil formation plays a very important role in the groundwater installation as this will determine the quality of the water. By knowing your ground structure and soil formation will be able to determine whether the ground water will be suitable for garden purposes or not. We will be able to guide you along the lines of watering times and durations and how to get the best out of your ground water system.

Many places in the Western Cape have aquifers that can be reached by means of a wellpoint which will make it a first and most cost effective choice.

RPZ valve
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Non potable water is simply water that has not been treated or tested for use by humans for drinking.